Memcached is a widespread caching system, which can increase the speed and the overall performance of your Internet sites immensely if they use a database or an API. This is accomplished by caching the requests to the database/API and the responses that are delivered, so when a visitor searches for a given product on your website, for instance, the database won’t have to be accessed to show the results and the whole task will be completed considerably faster. This is valid for all sorts of database-driven apps and not only for web shops, as every time a particular web page is visited, the application sends a request to its database to get the data that should be displayed. With Memcached, not only will your site load noticeably faster, but it will also create much less server load. If any content in the database is edited, the cached replies will also be updated, so the users won’t see any outdated info.
Memcached in Semi-dedicated Hosting
When you acquire any of our semi-dedicated server packages, you’ll find Memcached as an optional feature in the Upgrades section of the Hepsia Control Panel, so if you would like to use it for any of the sites hosted in the semi-dedicated server hosting account, you can activate it with only a few mouse clicks. The content caching platform is perfect for any script-based web app such as Joomla, WordPress, or even an in-house made application, and based on your needs, you’ll be able to choose two separate features – how many sites will use the Memcached platform, i.e. the number of instances; and how much data will be cached, i.e. the amount of memory that the platform will employ. The two things are not tied to each other, so if you manage a traffic-heavy site with a lot of data, you can get one instance and a large amount of memory. The Memcached platform will increase the overall performance of your Internet sites soon after you enable it and both you and your website visitors will enjoy much faster loading times.
Memcached in Dedicated Web Hosting
Each dedicated server that’s ordered with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel comes with Memcached already installed by default, so you can start using this caching system once your dedicated server is set up, without needing to activate or upgrade anything. The amount of memory that Memcached can use depends on the server that you’ve picked, but since our servers are astonishingly powerful and considering the fact that it is likely that you’ll host resource-hungry Internet sites on them, the minimum amount of memory that the caching system can use is three gigabytes. This will permit you to increase the performance of very heavy websites effortlessly and you will detect the difference shortly after the Memcached caching system begins caching database requests. You can use the system with any database-driven website, including those based on famous CMSs like WordPress and Joomla.