A live chat is a real-time method of communication between a web hosting company's support team and its customers. It's a very efficient way to get some info about the hosting services or have some problem resolved because you're talking to a live representative. The benefits of using a real-time chat service instead of calling or opening a support ticket are the smaller possibility of mistakes at the time you exchange information like usernames or domain names, the quicker response time since the communication is live plus the fact that you don't need to stay on the chat all the time - you can do something different while the representative investigates the issue in question. Furthermore, you will be able to connect with a live chat room from any kind of computer which is connected to the Internet, avoiding the phone costs that you will have to pay when you are calling to a different country.
Live Chat Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We provide you with live chat support as standard with our services, which means that if you have any questions for our Linux semi-dedicated packages, you will be able to talk with our customer care team at any time regardless of whether you have already acquired an account or not. Generally, the chat service is intended for pre-sales, billing and general questions and troubles, yet we can help you with quite a few tech questions too. We will help you select the best plan for your sites if you don't have an account yet, we can respond to all the billing questions or issues you could have or we can assist you with setting up your new email address on your computer or smart phone - all the abovementioned will be done quickly as our live chat service is accessible all day, every single day. Whenever you require support, you're able to talk to an agent and save considerable time.